The Cost of Workplace Conflict

Look at what conflict costs your organization

  • Wasted time

    How much time do your managers spend dealing with conflict? How much time do individuals spend focusing on disagreements and dissatisfaction instead of using their time productively?

  • Reduced quality of decisions

    Are your team members withholding information or not fully cooperating with others? What decisions are being made without full, accurate and timely information?

  • Loss of skilled employees

    What is it costing you to replace employees and the knowledge they take with them when they leave?

  • Restructuring

    Are you or your managers making changes to work allocation to accommodate employees who aren't getting along? Are some people who work better alone being forced to work in groups?

  • Sabotage/Damage/Theft

    Are you experiencing theft or damage to your equipment and inventory? Are work processes being compromised?

  • Lowered job motivation

    Are your good employees losing motivation and time when they constantly have to deal with difficult coworkers?

  • Lost work time

    Are employees choosing to take "sick days" off because of their frustration with unresolved disputes and stress?

  • Health costs

    Is conflict contributing to employees' susceptibility to illness and injuries? Is your company paying more for health insurance and paid time off because of the associated stress?

When these destructive situations are ignored or not dealt with effectively, it will usually lead to increased time spent by managers and supervisors, increased health costs, increased complaints, increased litigation costs, and increased financial risk. Organizations that leave destructive conflict unchecked risk loss of productivity, loss of customers, loss of good employees and loss or destruction of equipment and supplies.

With our solutions, you can learn to recognize and manage conflict for yourself and for others within your organization and reduce its negative impact on your bottom line.

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