Customer Service Workshops

Here are some of our most popular topics for customer service workshops. Choose the topics below that best meet your objectives or “mix and match” these with topics from different categories.

  • Essential Customer Service Skills
  • The Customer Connection
  • Concrete Assessment of Customer Service Skills
  • Making a Positive Lasting Impression
  • Building Your Reputation for Excellence
  • Turning Complaints Into Win-Win Experiences
  • Producing Extraordinary Bottom Line Results
  • Name That Style
  • Inside the Organization
  • Essential Internal Customer Service

If you don’t see what you want on this list, tell us and we’ll add it to your workshop.

You can “mix and match” the topics to create your own unique workshop.

For example if you want a workshop on customer service you may include topics in the customer service category as well as topics in categories such as conflict resolution, accountability and DiSC behavioral profiles.

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