DISC Behavioral Profiles

We offer DISC behavioral profiles that profile your employees' behaviors, strengths, challenges, motivations and working styles. Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use DISC assessments.

Get better results when you are:

  • Managing individuals and teams that need to work together harmoniously and productively
  • Interviewing and hiring employees
  • Placing people in jobs that are best suited for them
  • Building leadership skills

By combining DISC profiles with our experiential training workshops, your team benefits from a uniquely effective and enjoyable approach to self-understanding and organizational performance improvement.

What can you accomplish using the DISC system?

  • Align employees' behaviors and skills with organizational strategies
  • Develop critical competencies of collaboration and innovation
  • Capitalize on diversity in your workforce
  • Motivate employees based on their style
  • Use action-planning processes that make change effective and lasting
  • Provide 360-degree feedback to leaders to encourage and support development of excellent leadership skills within your organization


  • Best-practices models from leading organizations
  • Variety of products for specific applications
  • Valuable insight into your own and others' behavior
  • Online assessments are easy to use
  • One of the most widely-used personal and professional development tools in the world
  • Validated and honed over decades of use

What are the Benefits of Using DISC?

  • Increase individual and team performance
  • Enrich internal communication
  • Promote teamwork, cooperation and collaboration
  • Develop management effectiveness
  • Reduce workplace tension, conflict, and violence
  • Develop more effective leaders
  • Manage performance and promotion processes
  • Improve customer service connections with your clients
  • Encourage understanding and appreciation of differences

DISC Products

Our DISC products provide simple solutions to a wide range of everyday workplace challenges including employee development, management styles, customer service skills, leadership development, and job expectations. Combine DISC assessment tools with our customized workshops to get the most from yourself and your team. DISC tools include:  

  • Team development
  • Customer service
  • Leadership
  • Management 
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