To Your Success

“Your success will start when you begin to pursue it.”
— Max Stein


You can't afford to leave any of your potential untapped.

The reality of business is that you must carefully allocate resources to grow and expand your business. Now is the right time to identify opportunities and to invest in the power of your people.

A study by American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) (currently known as Association for Talent Development) reveals that when companies commit training resources to improve the skills of their leaders and their workforce they significantly outperform their competition financially. Successful organizations know that training pays off for businesses and investors. Don't sabotage your own success by underestimating the importance of this strategic tool in today's economy.

Your workforce is probably being asked to do more with less. Organizational learning and training provide effective solutions to help you remain responsive to the needs of your customers, employees, investors and business partners in the face of challenges. Now is the time to bring out the best in your employees. You need our services now more than ever.

You can make something happen now. Key Innovative Solutions will work with you to develop a systematic and strategic approach to maximizing the potential of your leaders and your workforce and accelerating your team's performance. Contact us today to examine how we can help you grow your business and build on your success.

The study cited above examined the amount of money public companies spend per employee on training and compared that to the company's performance in the stock market. The study proved a strong positive correlation. Firms in the top half, based on their average per-employee expenditures on training, had a total stockholder return that was 86 percent higher than firms in the bottom half and 45 percent higher than the market average. Companies in the top quarter of the study group enjoyed, on the average, 24 percent higher profit margins, 218 percent higher income per employee, and 26 percent higher price-to-book ratios than companies in the bottom quarter. Wouldn't you relish that kind of performance in your company?

What does this mean for you? Now is the time to focus your business on activities that will pay off in the long run. Now is the time to focus on building and improving the soft skills that are so essential to your business success.

Key Innovative Solutions will work with you as your strategic partner in building your future. We don't offer one-size-fits-all services. We offer tailored, innovative solutions to your challenging situations. We'll give you tools and techniques you can use to retain and develop talent and boost your revenue. We'll help your workforce develop people skills and reach personal and organizational goals faster with our tailored workshops and personalized executive consulting. Use our DISC assessments to improve hiring and management practices, and to make sure you have the right people in the right positions for maximum productivity. Create a more collaborative culture using our mediation techniques that teach people how to more effectively resolve business issues. Build a strong foundation by honing these skills throughout your organization.

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