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Key Innovative Solutions has a unique training system that allows us to tailor your workshop to your specific group and needs. You will not get one-size-fits-all training when you work with Key Innovative Solutions. We believe that you learn best by having fun so we design workshops that embrace that concept. All of our workshops are interactive, lively, and fast-paced; and provide a wonderful learning experience for small and large groups. They are designed to shape superb leaders and team members who can lead their teams to greater productivity and profitability.

Let us design a workshop for you based on your specific objectives. We love the challenge of working with your ideas and our own, and knowing that you will find practical solutions for your real-life situations before the end of the workshop.

There are as many requirements for workshops and additional services as there are companies. We understand that different companies and even different departments within a company have different needs. Therefore, we offer a diverse menu of options ranging from a few hours to a few days, covering a wide range of subjects. We will tailor the content within a workable time frame to meet your objectives.

Select the subjects that best meet your needs from the categories below. Choose topics under any category heading and we will combine them to create your customized workshop. Use several topics from withinthe same category or (mix and match) the various topics from several categories. For example if you want a workshop on customer service you may include topics in thecustomer service categories as well as topics in categories such asconflict resolution, accountability and diversity training. You can (mixand match) the topics to create your own unique workshop.

Below are some of our most popular topics. Click on the links for a breakdown of the topics under each category. If you don’t see what you want on this list, tell us and we’ll add it to your workshop. Remember that you can mix and match among the categories.

Workshop Categories:

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